FishFix: for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

Lisa Borges

Name: Lisa Borges



FishFix has worked for a range of international clients that include consultancy companies, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, governments and inter-government agencies:

  • Acoura Marine, UK
  • Bureau Veritas Certification, Spain & France
  • European Commission, DG MARE
  • Ecologic Institute EU, Germany
  • EUREKA Network (E!)
  • Funding Fish
  • H2020 DiscardLess Project
  • Joint Research Centre (European Commission)
  • Control Union Pesca Ltd, UK
  • MRAG Americas, USA
  • Research Executive Agency (European Commission)
  • Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, USA

Recent Projects

Please find here the 2010 & 2020 TACs for European Waters.

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