FisfFix: for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

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Collecting sprat otoliths at sea

FishFix promotes sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, by offering consultancy in diverse areas from the collection of data to management options. FishFix provides advice on the biological and ecological sustainability of specific fisheries & aquacultures, focusing on its main area of expertise: bycatch and discards. Services are provided for data collection, survey design, database management, data analysis and preparation of scientific reports. The company services also include stock assessment, scientific advice in support of management options and project evaluations. FishFix can also coordinate the involvement of the various stakeholders to facilitate cooperation, collaboration and consensus.

    FishFix provides services in the following areas:
  • Provision of technical and scientific advice in support of management options
  • Assessment of fisheries for sustainability certification.
  • Development of management strategies and policies.
  • Drafting of reports, scientific papers, briefings and project proposals.
  • Management and implementation of Fisheries Improvement Projects.
  • Evaluation of project from initial proposals to final implementation reports.
  • Preparation of impact assessments of specific legislation and policies.
  • Organisation and participation in conferences, workshops, working groups and meetings.
  • Identification and engagement of stakeholders to facilitate cooperation and consensus building.

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